Week 1 – Weight Loss Manifestation

Hi All!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted a new blog entry, I’ve been too busy and excited preparing for my 90 day Manifesting Weight Loss Course! I’ve got some lovely ladies and gentlemen along for the ride with me, and it just officially started today! Although, last week I posted an introductory video for it, and I’ve already seen some changes take place!

I want to share how things are going so far!

*I’ve begun to notice things about my eating patterns
*I’ve been practicing a non-judgmental approach towards myself and my thoughts
*I’ve begun to change some habits, literally without even trying! They’ve felt natural and easy
*I’ve begun being much kinder to myself, and that in and of itself has been so freeing

This first week we are learning about Emotional Freedom technique and identifying blocks.

I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds!

Also want to share some manifesting success! I definitely have blocks around money, and I’ve been working on those as well, and I won the lottery!

Okay, I won 6 dollars in the lottery.

But I am so grateful and thankful to see the universe responding to my energy as it shifts around money!

Y’all are the best.

Until next time.

*~Abundance Witch~*

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