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I started this blog because I want to document my manifesting journey, share what I’m learning with others, and I’m also becoming certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (the tapping technique) to hopefully coach people through their blockages.

All that being said, I want to be totally transparent about something: I’m not perfect! I’ve struggled with the same things you guys may be struggling with in your manifesting journey.

But that’s what makes the home manifesting story so joyous to me.

A year ago today, I was living two hours away from where I currently am located. It was a very small, run down town, and I was renting a small, run down house. I had just gotten out of a relationship that was energetically draining, and I believe was holding me back in so many ways. I was so, so ready to move forward.

I’m not rich, by any means. I was working in a mental health agency when I began looking for houses. I had a small amount saved up, and hoped for the best. I was also semi-new to intentional manifesting at this time. I felt insecure, and lost, and I wasn’t sure if I was doing things “correctly” to get what I was wanting.

But y’all. Then I saw this house.

And I knew. I absolutely knew. It was love at first sight.

One problem, though. It was under contract!

I decided to put my heart and soul into this manifestation. I made some of my special intention candles for the meditation and affirmation process. I followed Sarah Prout’s 55×5, where you write down your affirmation (I am so grateful that I bought this dream house) 55 times, for 5 consecutive days in a row. I sat down at my meditation table at the same time every morning, with a cup of hot tea, and wrote out my affirmations. I would pause between every ten or fifteen to close my eyes, visualize the house, visualize me drinking tea on the amazing deck at the house, and I would take big, deep, grateful breaths for what I knew was going to be mine. I wasn’t on to tapping at this time, but that would have been excellent to utilize as well if there had been any energetic blocks. A week later my realtor called me to say it was back on the market, and my job gave me the okay to transfer to the office two hours away.

But wait. Was it really that easy?

The answer is yes, but with recognition that I sincerely felt no blocks as I manifested this. The house was completely in my price range, affordable, and I knew it was well within my reach, if only it was just back on the market. It felt so amazing when I signed the papers and made this baby mine, and I felt so accomplished in manifesting because I wasn’t in the “best” spiritual and energetic place at the time of manifestation, but that there were no energetic blocks around this particular desire.

I’m beyond honored to share this story with you all, and if you ARE feeling energetic blocks, stay tuned and follow this blog, because I will be doing videos soon on how to push past them.

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