Mental Health and Manifesting

If you struggle with any mental health illnesses, then you’ll know that manifesting and keeping an abundance mindset can feel near impossible sometimes. The days when you just want to lay in bed, when tears free fall down your face for hours, when anger holds your heart hostage and breathing feels hard, thinking positively can feel like a foreign concept.

I have struggled with mental illness for most of my life, I believe. I always felt I had a low grade level of depression, and anxiety became a problem in my late teens, and now with some hormonal shifts, I get into bouts of extreme depression and anxiety that are really hard to come back from sometimes, and sometimes they come on like the flip of a switch.

So what do you do?

If our thoughts create our magical selves, but our negative energy can create something we aren’t wanting or intending, what then?

According to The Secret, their ideas are that thoughts take time to process in the universe, which means if you are having a bad day but you turn it around and can think positively, then it negates the negative energy you’ve sent out.

My idea, as a mental health professional, is that the more you fight it, the stronger it gets (much like The Babadook, for my horror fans out there).

Now, I’m all for the fight. I’m all for working to change those negative thought patterns into positive ones. But I’m also aware that when you’re really deep in it, those thoughts fall limply and lifelessly, and the intention behind them is dimmed, because your spirit is dimmed.

Obviously, my first suggestion is to find a mental health therapist who can help you if you experience really strong emotions that positive thoughts can’t win against. However, I know it’s not affordable or accessible for everyone.

My second suggestion is to let yourself feel it. This can be a really scary suggestion, but the idea is the mindfulness that comes with letting your body express what it needs to express, because the more you fight it, the more shame you create, and the stronger that cycle becomes, which can create a vicious circular cycle. Watch a sad movie. Call a friend and cry. Take a kickboxing class. Scribble it ferociously in a notebook. Let that shit out! If you are at any time having thoughts of suicide or homicide, though, please go to an emergency room immediately, as allowing yourself to feel that can result in undoable consequences.

My third suggestion, and it’s something that has been helping me immensely in my own struggles, is tapping.

Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy psychology based around the idea of tapping on meridian points to release energy in the body, while creating a statement to address what the struggle is, but also provide a love and acceptance for oneself despite what the issue is.

It feels really silly at first. I thought it was very silly, and now I do it every day.

I also use tapping when I’m in a GOOD mood to manifest more to me.

When I started my business, I had a dry spell for about a month, and then I tapped on my fears, my blockages, worked through them, and then tapped on what I wanted to happen.

That week I got FIVE new clients.

I will be putting together some tapping videos in the coming weeks on certain subjects. Feel free to follow for updates!

And remember, you are not alone, and you can still manifest and harness your power, and the best way to do that is to forgive yourself and be kind to yourself when you’re feeling down.

Happy full moon, babes. Light a candle and may all your spells and wishes be granted.

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