My love spell

I absolutely sucked at relationships, for a very long time.

I was cold in many of my younger year relationships, and then I was in an abusive relationship that completely turned my world (and self-esteem) upside down. I went for 5 or 6 years living my life as a single young woman, which was okay most of the time because I had shit to do and goals to kick ass at. Finally, when my career settled and I was able to put some roots down, I decided it was time to manifest love.

I was new to manifesting, but I had just manifested my adorable hobbit house, so I figured I was getting better at it. So good at it, in fact, that I actually met my boyfriend two days in to the ritual and spell practices.

My love ritual:

  1. Write down what you want in a partner. Close your eyes. Imagine. Laugh. Smile. Say it out loud what you want and why you value it. Please also keep in mind that your love may not show up with all of your requirements (because humans are imperfect and therefore love is never perfect)
  2. Get a locket. I got this one, and I still wear it today (because duh, it’s beautiful). Rose-gold locket
  3. Fill it with a petal of your favorite flower, and a piece of paper with a drawn heart, word (“love”, “soulmate”, etc.)
  4. If you’ve never heard of the 55×5, now is the time. The idea is you write down an affirmation (I am so grateful I have met the love of my life) 55 times on a piece of paper, for 5 CONSECUTIVE days. There is a ritual involved with this, involving your favorite beverage, a comfy cozy spot, some candle magic, and deep breaths and meditation while imagining your intention.

Again, I met my partner on day two. The spell part for me was in the locket, I said the qualities again outloud as I filled it with joy and intention and wore it close to my heart, and now my heart is sitting next to me on the couch.


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