What is witch craft?

Hi all!

Today I want to write about what my idea of witchcraft is, and what that means to me. I understand and vibe with the pagan and wicca information, but I don’t like to be tied down in my beliefs about anything. I’ve built my own ideas including the abundance mindset, and it’s pretty easy:

Everyone is magical and spells are nothing more than releasing intention.

Praying. Intention setting. Meditating. Spells. Rituals.

They are all centered around the idea of releasing an energy out and believing in that energy in order to make it a reality.

I believe that we all have the ability to create what we desire based on our mindsets. Intentions are our magic, and when I do my daily meditations and rituals, or when I do my candle magic, it is just me releasing my intention, honing in on my energy, and believing in my own magic, and the magic of the universe.

My magical abilities have provided me a move across the country, the house that I fell in love with (that was originally under contract, but became available again after two weeks of ‘spell work’ and intention setting), a boyfriend that I adore, and a job in which I am self-employed and in control.

One of my favorite tools I use for reflection and intention setting are these Soul’s Journey lesson cards.


Soul’s Journey Cards

During my meditation ritual, I ask the universe to receive the message I am needing to work on, and it always provides. I reflect, and set my intention for how to heal. It’s magical.


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