Manifesting Weight Loss – Week 2

Hi All! I hit my first snag in the process: I felt disgust with myself, and my body, and I had a lot of tapping to do to help release some of that. We're all a work in progress, and it's okay. A lot of the group has been struggling with self love, so that... Continue Reading →


Week 1 – Weight Loss Manifestation

Hi All! It's been a little bit since I've posted a new blog entry, I've been too busy and excited preparing for my 90 day Manifesting Weight Loss Course! I've got some lovely ladies and gentlemen along for the ride with me, and it just officially started today! Although, last week I posted an introductory... Continue Reading →

My Witchy Self

I figure it's time to introduce myself, and talk a little bit about why I've started this blog. Hi! My name is Leah, I'm in my late 20's, and I am a therapist in my daily life. I primarily work with individuals and couples around a variety of issues, and I am going for my... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Manifestation

Anyone up for a journey? Y'all. My personal journey with weight loss has been a STRUGGLE to say the least. It seems like EVERY TIME I try to lose weight, I end up gaining weight. I am currently at my heaviest weight, and I am so ready to tackle my mindset and manifest a healthy... Continue Reading →

Home Manifestation

  I started this blog because I want to document my manifesting journey, share what I'm learning with others, and I'm also becoming certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (the tapping technique) to hopefully coach people through their blockages. All that being said, I want to be totally transparent about something: I'm not perfect! I've struggled... Continue Reading →

Mental Health and Manifesting

If you struggle with any mental health illnesses, then you'll know that manifesting and keeping an abundance mindset can feel near impossible sometimes. The days when you just want to lay in bed, when tears free fall down your face for hours, when anger holds your heart hostage and breathing feels hard, thinking positively can... Continue Reading →

Fruits of manifesting labor!

  I am so beyond grateful! I put so much intention into this application process, and spent many mornings visualizing this very email coming to me, surrounded by my intentionally made handmade candles, charged crystals, and favorite cups of tea. The joy I feel knowing that I can create my own reality and it's becoming... Continue Reading →

My love spell

I absolutely sucked at relationships, for a very long time. I was cold in many of my younger year relationships, and then I was in an abusive relationship that completely turned my world (and self-esteem) upside down. I went for 5 or 6 years living my life as a single young woman, which was okay... Continue Reading →

What is witch craft?

Hi all! Today I want to write about what my idea of witchcraft is, and what that means to me. I understand and vibe with the pagan and wicca information, but I don't like to be tied down in my beliefs about anything. I've built my own ideas including the abundance mindset, and it's pretty... Continue Reading →

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